April 3, 2018

Howdy folks,

Still really busy with all that’s involved in a shut down, but would like to thank everyone that is writing, calling etc. with kind thoughts and memories.

More to the point [for us] we’re still running a sale. Lots of great gems left! A motorized 12’x 12′ movie screen, an electric Snow Joe snow blower with 2 batteries, dip bars for training, 1 electric treadmill, some really nice blue foam backed carpet in various lengths, climbing posters, holds, volumes, used shoes, cash registers, programmable message sign, 1″ webbing rolls, glass display cases, 2 banks of gym style lockers, 1 beautiful wood office desk, wall panels for your home gym, and list goes on…

We’re really dealing now! Virtually no offers refused. Cash sales only. Noon – 6pm Tuesday [4/3/18] and Wednesday [4/4/18]. Special showing or pick up times can be arranged.

March 28, 2018

Holy Schneikey Batman,

Everybody and their dog has been going to the Thrillseekers Liquidation Sale!

No really, people have been bringing their dogs [on a leash, please]… But since we’re getting to visit with so many climbers from our old days [emphasis OLD] Scott and I are going to extend our sale through Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday of next week. After taking this weekend off to have a personal life.

If you’re still hoping to bag some cool holds for your home gym, or maybe a spare pair of shoes for craggin’, or a glass display case?, Or some blue foam backed carpet for your basement wall, or a TV, Cash register, Neon OPEN sign, steel work bench, webbing, new & used rope, lockers for the kids rec room, chalk, steel biners for rappel, foam padding… Well, you get the idea, we still have lots of goodies.

Stop in this Friday, or Monday thru Wednesday Noon – 6pm. Take a look, share some stories, oh and bring some cash. The credit card machine is officially offline. We’re taking all offers [almost] and taxes are included in your purchase. See you there!

March 27, 2018 News

Hi All,

For those who might not yet know, we closed climbing operations on Friday March 23rd, 2018.

We’re liquidating the business… if it’s in the building, it’s for sale.

People are coming in all day and removing entire sections of T nutted climbing surface. Tons of people have purchased holds, volumes, harnesses, trad gear, sport gear, chalk, blue foam backed carpet along with under foam padding, the list is endless.

We still have a few thousand holds left and some really great one of a kind volumes. All harnesses have left the building but there are still plenty of rental shoes available in mostly the larger sizes [men’s 10 & up]. But there are quite a few small shoes too.

Some of the workout gear is still available. If you’ve been hoping to do a home gym, there’s still time to bag a deal on gear, holds, volumes, and even whole sections of wall.

We’re at the gym from Noon – 6pm [at minimum] through this Friday the 30th.

Stop in and say “Hey” and maybe pick up a gift for your climbing friends [or just yourself]!

CASH Only, All Sales Final! Sales tax is included in purchase price.