So, maybe you want to bring a large group of adults for a team building event, or you might have a number of minor children [school, church, birthday, etc.] that you’d like to introduce to the sport of climbing. This will be a brief [hopefully] explanation of your options and what you can expect if you decide to use our climbing facilities.

Your options include:


Bouldering is low level climbing without the use of harnesses, ropes, or the need for a partner [to belay]. Generally a boulderer never exceed 10 – 12 feet off the ground for one’s head & shoulders. One can either reverse the moves to get back to the ground, or jump off from a reasonable height. No technical skills are necessary, so there is no testing required. Bouldering develops footwork, balance, technique, strength, stamina, etc. and is a great way for people to enter the sport, or improve on what they already know. At Thrillseekers Climbing Gym we have a large variety [over 150] problems of all grades to keep anyone entertained for hours.


Climbing implies [requires] the use of harnesses, ropes, and a partner to belay. Two or more people climb together, and are unrestricted in the height one climbs, so we need to test a climber’s basic safety skills before your first climb/belay. If you already know the basic skills, you may take your tie-in/belay test anytime on a walk in basis. If you need instruction to tie in and belay, see the Introductory Lessons heading below.


 Our Introductory Lesson includes everything you need to get into the sport of indoor top-rope climbing. We provide harnesses, climbing shoes, belay equipment, chalk bags, instruction, and gym admission for the entire day of your lesson. An Introductory Lesson teaches everything from start to finish. You’ll learn to properly put on a climbing harness, ensuring correct adjustment and doubling back of all the buckles, tie the 1st half of a figure of eight climbing knot, correctly weave through your redundant tie in points, retrace the figure eight, and then back the entire system up with a safety knot. That’s just the climber’s side of the rope.

Then, on the belayer’s side of the rope, you’ll learn how to properly load your belay equipment [ATC Style friction device with a locking carabiner], attach same to your climbing harness, take slack [belay] for an ascending climber, apply the brake to catch a climber’s fall, and control the speed of the climber’s descent back to the ground. You’ll also learn all the correct voice commands, and how to ‘read’ [properly follow] climbing routes of varying grades of difficulty.

Introductory Lessons are available to anyone 12 years of age or older. There is no weight restriction necessary as even the lightest belayer can belay a heavier climber when attached via floor anchors to the ground. An Introductory Lesson actually gets you two visits for the price of one. After taking our Introductory Lesson, each participant in the lesson will have One Free Admission to the gym, to be used within ten days after your lesson. Climbing harnesses are always loaned free of charge. Climbing shoes are an  optional rental at $7.00 a pair.

It is perfectly fine to have an experienced climber teach one or even many friends, but our testing is stringent. We want to protect YOU the climber, YOU the belayer , as well as EVERYONE else in the gym that might be walking around under you when you climb. If your instructor [friend] can’t adequately demonstrate, explain, and teach every item in the description above, consider taking our lesson from an experienced Instructor. We have taught thousands of climbers over the last 22 years. We do it thoroughly and very well. Using an ‘auto brake’ device [correctly referred to as an assisted braking capability device] and/or clipping a climbers rope into a harness via a carabiner, does NOT qualify you as a belayer. You will not pass the test if that is the sum of your tie-in/belay skills.


Our Belayer’s Lesson is geared more for the adult who wants to ensure their child or partner is safely belayed, but doesn’t want to climb themself. If you’re more comfortable on the ground, or you just want to let a team of co-workers or children climb, while you personally ensure they ascend and descend in a safe manner, then our Belayer’s Lesson is just right for you. You will still learn all the skills described in the Introductory Lesson above, but you won’t need sport specific climbing shoes and you won’t personally need to leave the ground. The Belayer’s Lesson is very popular with parents of small children [5 – 11 years old]. It’s also popular with parents who just want to be able to police their teen’s friend who ‘claims’ to know how to climb, and claims to be able to teach their child the safety skills. If you want to KNOW you know the safety skills, and be able to supervise your teen’s friend, then you WANT to take our Belayer’s Lesson.

 More to come…